Improving waste management practices though a voluntary
grouping of two local authorities in Northern Ireland.

Residual Waste Treatment Project – Publication of Contract Notice

North West Region Waste Management Group, the umbrella waste management group for 7 councils in the north west, has begun a major procurement process to deliver new facilities to help meet strict EU environmental and waste regulations.

The technology includes Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) to help sort and treat waste, and energy recovery, a form of renewable energy facility that recovers heat and electricity from waste which is not suitable for recycling.

Cllr Evelyne Robinson, Chairman of NWRWMG’s Joint Committee of elected representatives, welcomed the tender publication:

“The issue of how the region deals effectively with its waste is hugely significant. Recouping energy back from the waste is clearly the way forward and will assist us in avoiding heavy fines if we continue to send waste to landfill.

The NWRWMG councillors are working tirelessly to ensure that the area benefits from an environmentally friendly yet cost effective solution.   

The publication of this contract notice in the Official Journal of the European Union is a milestone in the procurement process to provide the northwest with modern waste management facilities which use Mechanical Biological Treatment and energy recovery technologies.

As we initiate the formal procurement process, NWRWMG is conducting a parallel exercise to identify potential sites for the new facilities.  As part of an intensive search we are asking Central Government, the private sector and all of our constituent councils to indicate sites they could make available as part of the site selection process.”

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