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Mechanical Biological Treatment

MBT is a tried and tested technology which is used successfully throughout Europe. All the processes are carried out within enclosed units, so there are no problems with odours or dust, but the end result is a valuable, safe by-product that can be used to produce energy which is classified as renewable.

Instead of just landfilling black bin waste – that waste which can’t be recycled – the North West Region Waste Management Group has a new solution; a solution that will recover additional recyclables and transform much of the remaining waste into a renewable energy source. Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) describes a number of processes in Waste Treatment. Follow our waste management vehicle as it brings residual waste to the plant for treatment. This section also explains the range of treatments used in this type of facility.

Mechanical Separation

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Anaerobic Digestion

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In-Vessel Composting

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