Improving waste management practices though a voluntary
grouping of seven local authorities in Northern Ireland.

Joint Committee

Below are the councillors that make up the Joint Committee

Ballymoney Borough Council

Alderman Cecil Cousley
Councillor Evelyne Robinson (Chair)

Coleraine Borough Council

Councillor William King
Councillor George Duddy

Derry City Council

Councillor Bridget Meehan
Councillor Sean Carr

Limavady Borough Council

Alderman Jack Rankin
Alderman Michael Coyle

Magherafelt District Council

Councillor Martin Kearney
Councillor Sean McPeake

Moyle District Council

Councillor Catherine McCambridge
Councillor Robert McIlroy

Strabane District Council

Councillor Kieran McGuire
Councillor Jay McCauley

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